Mystery of honor


Let me get this straight.

People SIGN UP to GET PAID with BENEFITS and RETIREMENT, to POTENTIALLY go to war and I’m supposed to honor them at every turn regardless of anything else I know about them…. or I’m a terrible person?


Is there legislation about mandatory respect of any citizen?

No. Respect is earned. Anyone who demands respect will likely get none from me. I don’t care if you are my neighbor, a teacher, a government official, a relative or anyone else.

And while we’re at it, the NFL players’ protest has absolutely not a goddamned thing to do with the military so STOP implying that it does. Morons.

Donald Trump’s paranoia is contagious

Crime is on the rise during the holidays! Make sure you protect your family and your property. If you can’t afford a professional security system, at least get something like this:

Be the fearful Republican your grandma’s boyfriend always wanted you to be!